Monday, November 15, 2004

Monday, 0430; revisited Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

This is Steven Streight, aka Vaspers the Grate, who doth hath indeed a Blogger account, with password and user name, but when I accurately entered them in, they didn't work. So I have to comment "anonymously" (why is that word so dang hard to spell?)

Thank you for your nice comment on Blog Explosion. My titles are more interesting than the art itself? What a cool comment. Shucks, I'm a writer more than an artist. And you found me out. You so perceptive. I work hard on my titles. Titles are often the hardest part of any artwork. Notice how many artists cop out and slap "untitled" on their work. I hate that, as you know.

I like this art. The unexpected. New agey spheres, then, what? A painting suspended in mid-air? See? That's what this artist/writer really likes. "Do I really have to go to work?" Here's hoping you will sell fine art prints of your work, and not have to go to work anymore ever again.

Check out my free art gallery, from France, at Full Digital Art. There's a link on my Art Test Explosion site. Maybe you ought to post some art over there. Nice service, free.