Tuesday, January 11, 2005

011105- snow butterflies Posted by Hello


Deirdre said...

Hello! I just discovered you through "Blogs Illustrated".

Your work is just gorgeous. Would it be okay if I post two of your pics on my blog (hideous word, "blog", isn't it?) with a link back to their original posts? If so, what should I say about copyright or whatever? Sorry, it wouldn't give your work much exposure: my site's only got about 5 readers (really nice ones, though!). Anyway, this is really just an excuse for me to keep some of your images (laughing).


frog and toads wild ride said...

Of course Dierdre!! I would just love that- I'm just sorry it took me so long to respond. Tomorrow morning (I'm at work right now) I'll hop on the computer and visit you. Thank you - you made my night :0)
Jen B

Deirdre said...

Thank you!

steven edward streight said...

Snow butterflies? I love surreal nature concepts. I used to wish there were "rain bugs" when I was a lad, and used to try to convince my little brothers that a strange sort of insect came out when it rained really hard, a hard shell flying beetle that slammed against the window screen (but it was just me tossing pebbles at the screen).

My wife's mom spoke lowly of "snow fleas" and they lived on a farm in rural Midwest. Mother in Law said that you see certain birds pecking at freshly fallen snow and what they are doing is snacking on "snow fleas".

I have yet to Google that term "snow fleas" but will soon.