Sunday, August 14, 2005

karate chop

karate chop, originally uploaded by ~Colleen~.

Found this on Flickr today, wanted to share...


haroldlg04gjlando said...
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dark-forest said...

Great photo. that's amazing, because it combines a look towards us with the action. one in a thousand.

frog and toads wild ride said...

Isn't that just an awesome photo? I hadn't thought about it, but the look is what makes the picture, isn't it? And the dog with the blue eyes is so weird looking. I wish I could take credit for this photo. By the way, I checked oput your blog and I really found funny and interesting so I bookmarked it. When I get around to updating mine, I want to make you a link, ok?
Thanks for taking the time to look around.
~Jen B

dark-forest said...

sorry i dont have time to comment other post, but i like the other works in the latest posts aswell. you are already in my bookmark.
and im adding a link tou yours right now.